26 May, 2010

One Month...

... a lot has changed. 

I almost feel like a new person. Maybe it's not that I'm new, or different even... Just improved. 

A lot can change when you take a chance on yourself. I find that I've surprised myself more then I have done in the past. Probably more than I ever have. 

I'm experiencing new feelings, new emotions even a new thought process.

I feel as though I am more "Me" than I have ever allowed myself to be. 

Through these challenges, I've come to actually fully understand that good ol' cliche... 'life is too short'

I think it is a complete shame to sell yourself short, to follow someone elses dreams and expectations. You limit the world- how cna the world ever know who you really are unleass you take the time to know yourself? 

I'm very excited to have the sky truly be the limit. 

It's far too easy to fall into routines - stick to what's easy and waste your time going through the motions. 

I want to ask those people, you know the ones... the people who are never excited or satisfied with anything.  The one's who only map out their futures built on the way society, their family, their friends want them to be. Are they never satisfied because what they aren't sure what they truly want? Or are they unsatisfies beacuse what they truly and honestly want isn't what society, families, friends, have told them they should want? I'm out to solve this problem- purely for myself and my own personal growth. 


I love living in Vietnam. One of the main things I get to teach, isn't English at all... It's creative and independent thought. 

These kids are brilliant, they are dedicated to learn and make some thing of their life. 

Yet, you can ask them something like "How old are you and where are you from?" and they can answer it no problem. However, you ask "What do you like to do in your free time? and their mind goes blank" 


Anyway, I'm excited to continue challenging myself, growing closer and closer to my  own personal "Self Actualization" and meeting people along the way. 

Buying a one way ticket was the smartest and most beautiful things I have ever done. 

I look forward to continuing to share it with anyone out there willing to be a part of the journey. 

I encourage feedback, suggestions, thoughts, questions, and directions to new challenges. 

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  1. you are amazingly awesome... enough said.