21 May, 2010

AAA would have been nice...

So, the past week has been a doozy. I started filling in for a few days at the International School of Saigon- going from no work to a 7:30 - 4:30 pm day can be a challenger.

For more information on ISS- click here

I absolutely fell in love with it. Kindergarten, such an inspiring time in little kids lives. This school is beautiful, because its focus' is on developing all necessary skills, through play, singing, art, maths, vietnamese, swimming and many more. 

It's a Monday through Friday gig... I'm pretty sure I've never had one of those in my entire life! I am so excited to have such a steady routine. 

Now, for the lull before the next school year starts. I have been looking into a few different summer school programs and had an "in" at a certain one in District Phu My Hung. Don't know where that is you say? Neither did I! 

So I set up a demo lesson, just a short lesson showcasing your abilities as a teacher. I left with an hour to get there, which I thought was the perfect amount of time to allow for getting lost. 

However, it was not enough time for me to get a flat tire, on one of the many little bridges there are in Phu My Hung, while being lost. Pushing a motorbike over a bridge while desperately looking for a tire shop isn't exactly fun! 

So after getting all patched up and filling up on petrol the morning was kind of shot and I had to reschedule my demo lesson. Come to think of it, I might look for a school closer to my house- there are loads of them! 

I soon became even more lost than ever before on my way home. I found myself riding towards the huge new suspension bridge and thought I should try and get a little closer for some great photo opportunities.... little did I know I was actually driving on the beginning of it! It is the longest bridge I have ever driven on, and it was quite nerve wreaking seeing the awesomeness of it's size up close.

But alas, by the time I had headed over it and coasted all the way down I couldn't wait to go back up and over! The other side of the bridge was pretty much a jungle which was super cool to see and there was "fresh" air to breath : ) 

I headed home to hang out and relax. Having a house is really fun. It brings you a bigger sense of belonging. 

Here is a glimpse of the new house: 

Can't wait to start nesting and decorating. I love it here. 

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