27 May, 2010

26 things...

....about me. 

I'm feeling egomaniacal.... why 26? 

Because that's how old I am.... stop asking questions. 

  1. I like to do easy crosswords- they make me feel smart and give me the satisfaction of completing something. 
  2. Red wine- I will drink it any time of day. It completes me. 
  3. Hair Bands... not elastics, or pony tail binders... HAIR bands, as in Motley Crue, Warrent, Ratt, Poison, Dokken, White Snake etc. They are like a first love- always in my heart. 
  4. I have a mild addiction to tattoos. I have 5 and I feel like I've barely started. 
  5. All though I may seem like a social butterfly- I have a social disorter... I am socially handicapped. 
  6. I love food. I will eat almost anything. 
  7. My 24th birthday was spent taking a shot of a beating cobra's heart mixed with it's blood and Vietnamese Vodka. 
  8. I like- no I LOVE to color. 
  9. I am 26 years old and have just now started to live my life... honestly and openly. 
  10. I love driving motorbikes... don't think I care for driving cars. 
  11. I am addicted to video games
  12. I cannot pass a used bookstore without buying something. 
  13. I LOVE to be alone. My 'me' time is the best time ever. 
  14. I am an accent chameleon... I can't help it, when I hang with someone alot I adapt to the way they speak. 
  15. I am very interested in foreign languages- but crap at learning/speaking them... unless I have a few drinks in me. 
  16. My goals and ambitions in life are to take what life gives me and go from there. 
  17. I tried to be a smoker when I was 17 years old and I had just broken up with my boyfriend.. bought a pack and ended up giving them all away at parties. 
  18. So far in life I have had the pleasure of finding a handful of soul mates (some people never meet one) One's that will always be a part of my life no matter what. 
  19. My best friend- through my entire life- is my brother Joe. 
  20. I love liver and onions. 
  21. My biggest insecurity is my teeth... but I smile 100% of the time. 
  22. Refer to #21... I smile non stop. No mater how I feel - I smile.. I feel better. 
  23. It took me 4 years and 3 different schools to obtain a 2 year degree... one that I don't even use. 
  24. People are my passion. All sizes, Races, ages, colors, genders etc. 
  25. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Always. Which brings me both sadness and happiness. 
  26. I strongly dislike talking on the phone. Text, email, facebook, whatever- I will respond. Call me... I might not answer. 
And bonus number 27 because it's the 27th... I can (And do) injure myself at anytime and anyplace- I am the true definition of KLUTZ. 

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