27 July, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife

An absolutely fabulous read. It's far better than the film. 

It's creatively written from two perspectives- 
which only improves on an already fascinating take on time travel. 


Fa Fa Fa

I need a shot 
I need a shot of ambition 
I need a hit 
I need a hit of nutrition 
I need a fix 
I need to fix my ignition 
If you want to whip me into shape 
I need a plan or a mission 

Cause I'm gunna ride fast, going nowhere 
And I left my brain in the past 
I'm gunna ride fast 
To where I don't care 

Faa Faa Faa FA FA FA FA Faa

26 July, 2010

Long Silence...

I got a little caught up in life... also was being a little stubborn in thinking no one read this anyways! 

So during the past few weeks I've been settling in at work and loving it. There are times it can be frustrating, but that comes with pretty much every job. I love my students and love that I get paid to play with a bunch of 5 year olds. 

Aimee, my roommate, moved out- first heading to the states for a month then off to teach in Poland. It was a bittersweet goodbye for sure, she's got a great opportunity out there! Plus, now that she's gone I have an entire house all to myself. I've never lived alone so its yet another great adventure I've set off on. 

The rainy season is in full effect... it makes Saigon a dull town! It's hard to go out and bar hop when it's pouring out. However, this year there have been some pretty amazing thunderstorms. 

I'm ready to get the words back out there. Into the great void, whether anyone reads it or not- it sure is therapeutic! 

So, stay tuned!  And if your reading this let me know!

11 July, 2010

The Book Thief

A marvelous read. 

It's an incredibly story about a very strong young girl faced with 
some of the most difficult obstacles life can give. 

And it's narrated by death. 

06 July, 2010

Nha Trang

** Note: pictures are refusing to upload... will attempt to put them on facebook 

July 2nd- 

I experienced my first solo train ride in Vietnam - definitely gave me the itch to travel! 

Even though I lost out on a sleeper cabin, I scored two seats all to myself...
 nice little fort for the 7 hour train ride.

Still trying to conquer the necessary ability to sleep anywhere at any time. Living abroad requires this skill. It's getting better though- I owe it to school nap time. 

I actually ended up sleeping through the night, minus the really uncomfortable position changes when various parts of my body would go numb. 

I watched the sunrise from the train while listening to Modest Mouse at 5:30 am. 

July 3rd- 

Arrived in Nha Trang at 6 am on the dot, tucked in for an hour nap. 

Had a big brekky, salmon and eggs, hash browns, toast, coffee, juice... oh my : )

Went shopping - Jewelry Jewelry Jewelry! 

We headed out to the mud baths (Only 100,000VND/about 5USD)- it included a 15-20 mineral mud bath soak, 10 minute sun soak, 30 minute mineral hot tub and then unlimited poolside lounging..... One of my new favorite things to do! 

On our way home we visited a Cham Temple which was built in 817. It was absolutely breath taking (even though some of it was being restored at the time). I purchased two clay handmade statues from a woman on the grounds of the temple. Very empowering statues!

After getting shower and dolled up we headed out to have bellini's and beach/street side seafood and wine. Serious seafood overload! It was so delicious; lobster, crab, muscles, prawns...

July 4th- 

Up at 6:30 am, no good reason to be up that early so I just laid in bed and read. Beautiful. 

Had a salmon and cream cheese bagel for brekky, for sure got my salmon fix for the weekend. 

Shopped a little more and hit the spa (30 minute foot therapy and a mani/pedi)

Spent the next three hours soaking up sun, playing in the perfect temperature ocean (which was clear) reading and enjoying beer and a mezze plate lunch. 

Checked out of the hotel and hit the streets for a long walk. Wrapped up our last day with a few drinks and amazing fish and chips. 

We were sad to leave but thankful to have had a wonderful vacation! 

Unfortunately our train was delayed so we had a much longer crowded waiting period.

But it finally arrived and I finally had a cozy little sleeper train. Tucked in, read and enjoyed some peaceful pinback. 

It's true - it was 'better than nothing' actually is was an awesome experience. 

I'm looking forward to spending one if not two weekends a month traveling. Some- a relaxing beach side retreat and the others- touring new places. 

I have a new light shining bright on life. On mine in particular.