30 April, 2010

Surprisingly, I cant wait...

For the holiday to end! With Eric being gone and a majority of my friends on holiday as well I'm starting to get bored out of my mind! 

Today marks the actual day the Vietnam war ended. This is a pretty big trip to think about for me, but to every one else here it's cause to party, for everyone to go out at once. So it's wise to kind of take a chill day and stay in if I can! 

I'm really looking forward to everything going back to normal and hopefully to start working soon. Once I have the security of income, I can get out there and start volunteering with my whole heart. I've found this incredible sight that lists tons of different humanitarian groups, tons of orphanages that I can visit and a few housing and community based projects as well. 

But for now, I'll be doing a lot of this: 

And I'll continue to try and tan up this pasty skin: 

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