28 April, 2010

Tried to get lost...

...but ended up finding familiarity at every turn. I ended up at all of my old haunts,

Our old apartment: 

Myself, in my helmet: 

Jake's old work: 

My old work:

Our old Market: 

The Notre Dame Cathedral: 

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: 

(Wait a minute....since when has there been a Coffee bean in Saigon??) 

Lei Loi + the Tax centre:

I enjoyed a little afternoon relaxation after a few hours of driving: 

Grew a little frustrated with the Vietnamese spam on my phone: 

Was happy that I could remember the art of finding my motorbike in this: 

And came home to shower, relax end enjoy some lunch: 

This shot of the beer is for you Jake. I actually enjoyed more of the 333 beer than the expensive Zorok, but I couldn't help but giggle and say my name in a funny accent: Cori Zorok.

And here's a tour of the new digs: 

It's funny, and this may sound weird considering how much time I have spent complaining of the frustrations of living in Vietnam in the past, but I feel so good here. At peace, at home. 

That being said, I do miss my husband and my pup very much. Luckily I see them on skype twice a day : ) It's funny, since I feel everything is so familiar, I find it hard to take pictures of everything...I feel like I've seen it all before (in a good way) but I remember that all of you haven't. So I'll do my best to keep an eye on sharing my Vietnam with all of you.  

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