30 April, 2010

Today I feel the effects.

A mixture of delayed Jet Lag, PMS and the fact that Jake has taken off for a few days to go to San Diego with Aaron, leaving him unreachable really kicked up my homesickness. 

Once I have everything set up here, I know I'll start to feel that heart, that drive, that purpose. But today... I feel sad. I don't feel like doing anything and I am incredibly tired but can't sleep. 

I know I made the right decision. I know that I'll find my way back to my true path in life. And these days will happen. However that doesn't make it any easier. 

It's funny, because half way through my thoughts of sadness I realize I'm being irrational. I can feel myself continuing the sadness but in my mind I know it'll be over soon. Tomorrow's a new day. 

And I'll always remind myself that: 

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