03 October, 2010

The Fitness Challenge (revisited)

So initially I posted an entry about getting back on the fitness track. And I failed! 

So about a month ago I said to myself enough is enough and purchased a gym membership. I've surprised myself by going three to four times a week before work. I love it. 

I have been feeling great and I'm sure it shows. It's not even a challenge made out of vanity, it's purely to feel myself again, and it's working. I'm more myself now than I've been in a very long time. 

So the gym had been going great for about two weeks when my friend and I finally stopped talking about getting memberships to the climbing gym and did it. 

We've started climbing twice a week (I hope to push it to three times) and I have found my personal form of meditation. Review my previous post about my love of the sport here

I'm in love with the motivation, the dedication and getting my heart and body moving. It also feels fantastic having my time filled with such wholesome activities. I don't sit around and watch TV all day or laze around and do nothing. I have a place to be and have a great time with all of my hobbies. 

Finding my groove in life again is turning out to be much more fun than I thought. 

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