13 August, 2010

Life as we know it.

Or should I say... as I know it.

Perspective. This is one of life's most interesting aspects to me. The way I see a situation, may be entirely different as someone else sees it. 

Some people are destined to see things negatively. I don't know how they got into that cycle, but somehow they started the "this isn't good enough".... "I'm not satisfied".... "Is this it?" path in their lives. 

It makes me sad to think that people live their lives in such a clouded, sad and lonely way. If you are never satisfied in what life has to offer- how can you ever expect to live life?

I admit, sometimes I come down with the armageddon-my life is over bug. But to be honest, it doesn't last long. I've built up a system, and it just comes naturally now. I have my moment, I acknowledge it, I discuss it if it needs to be discussed and within a few minutes, hours or one day it is gone. I am happy again. 

You have to work VERY hard to get my shit list. Because I simply chose to forgive, forget and love the people who have come into my life. I can't sound mean if I try- so if you are ever scared or I make you feel bad... honestly, it's because you deserve it. 

I'm no saint by any means and I don't have an amazing life either. I just chose to make it as amazing as I can. Some things are harder to get over and harder to move past. But at the end of the day it feels better to smile and laugh than to cry and be angry. 

That being said, life has thrown me some curve balls. But I'd like to believe that I took them gracefully (with the occasional ugly cry) and moved on, sharing positivity rather than bringing innocent bystanders into my negative moment. 

So life, as I know it... is beautiful. 

It takes the bad, the painful, the awkward and the challenging times to see it and thrive in it. 

I encourage everyone else to thrive in it as well. Live it, love it- relish in the good stuff and experience- yet move on from the bad stuff : )

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