08 August, 2010

The Golden Scorpion

This weekend my friends and I rented a bus and headed about an hour out of town to the Dong Nay Province- where there is a "water park" - fresh water, fresh air, a ledge to jump off of, and beer. 

It was so much fun- we were lucky enough to have a rain free day which was hot and sunny - but not too hot. Love it! 

Super cheap day, not far from the city- could make this a regular experience! 

Even though life vests are required, you can get away with almost anything. And the life vests were actually pretty great floating devices to chill and drink beer in. 

I love the idea of being able to escape to, well... practically straight into the jungle, for a day long break from the city. 


  1. It is hot & humid here in MN. Floating around in a nice body of water and drinking beer sounds like a good idea anywhere in the world.

  2. Hey I live in HCM and trying to figure out how to get here. I can get a bus but do you have any info about getting there? Address? Great pics looks awesome!

  3. Cori!? Hahaha.

    Just saw your bio. Can you get an address? Let's go this weekend.