04 August, 2010

The Future.

My head is swimming with possibilities. 

As I finally gain a grip on his new chapter in my life, my ambitions and goals become more clear. 

It's exciting to know that I am sill very young and NOTHING is set in stone nor being decided for me. 

Independence is very educational when you are open to it. 

I've had to put my volunteering on hold as I sorted my life out  and in doing so I was able to devote my entire heart to the person who needs it most... me. 


This too shall pass...  I'm very thankful for this phrase and glad I got it tattooed as part of me forever. 

It's a humbling phrase - as it can refer to both the good and the bad.  Sometimes you need that reminder that even the good and exciting things will pass, to keep you centered. 

It leaves me optimistic and pushes me to always aim for the good in life - the bad is simply a distraction. 

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