16 August, 2010

The Five

My brother used to have this blog... he would post 'The 5' sharing pictures of life's experiences every few days or so. 

I remember loving seeing random moments of his life, since I've live pretty damn far away from him for the past 4 years or so. And I was also thinking about the fact that the things I see every day, I may be used to, but my friends and family have yet to see. 

So, I'm adapting his idea to my blog. I would love to begin posting 5 to 10 photos of random Vietnam living. 

Hopefully, many of you lovely readers out there have facebook because I rely heavily on my friends taking pictures often when we are out doing exciting things... so keep an eye out of tagged pictures of me! But I'd like to share the random shots of Vietnam that fill my days. 

Here are a few to get it started: 

I'm going to call these posts 'Vietnam Exposure' - half of the reason I chose this name was because Northern Exposure is my favorite TV show EVER and I always thought it painted such a beautiful picture of culture and life in small town Alaska.  

Hopefully my blog entries will also paint a beautiful picture in the minds of my friends and family of where I live. 


  1. Thanks! I love seeing photos of life in another part of the world.

  2. spectacular.. makes me wanna go places.