23 June, 2010

The Reunification Palace

Yesterday, Aimee and I spent the afternoon touring the Reunification Palace here in Vietnam. 

To Learn the basic history, click here.

We start the day out with a lazy morning, sleeping in reading and taking it easy. We headed out for lunch at one of my favorite bistros near the park... cleverly name Au Parc. I had my new favorite sandwich, a salmon and avocado sandwich on a delicious wrap. Seriously amazing. I paired this up with a beet root, ginger, apple and pear juice.... delicious : ) 

We then walked over to the reunification palace just in time to join an English speaking - hour long tour. It cost only 15,000 VND to get in (19,000 VND = 1 USD) so it's the perfect way to spend the afternoon. 

Here's a glimpse of the tour (the rest will soon be posted on flickr): 

This was my first arranged tour in Vietnam, everything else I've done has always been improvised or self guided. It was actually really fun to go with a group and watch a cheesy tour. I'm looking forward to taking more tours around Vietnam, learn more of the history and culture. 

We returned to Au Parc to have espresso, fruit and gather our bikes. We followed our afternoon tour up with some lovely spa treatments. Got a 75 minute facial that was supposed to be free because of some gift certificates we had yet we got screwed into paying about 25USD for them (yikes, I don't have the money for these luxuries right now...haha) Then we left that rip off of a spa and went to our usual haunt to get mani - pedis for a grand total of $3.50... more my style : ) 

Tonight calls for a sushi date with my good friend Susanne and watching the English and US Soccer matches. I'm actually growing very fond of pro-soccer... the world cup is addicting. 

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  1. Interesting photos! And yes, World Cup soccer is addicting.