13 June, 2010


Wow. The time I've spent here so far in Vietnam has been life changing. And to think it has only been about a month and a half.

I'm looking forward to there being a bit more time in between intense life lessons. Hopefully, once I start up the kindergarten school year everything will fall into place, and I can begin starting a normal life.

At such time I'll be able to write more freely, and frequently. Sharing the curiosities, the adventures, and the smiles of my new life living abroad.

As for right now, I ask for everyone out there to put a friend of mine into their thoughts and send good energy his way. He's been in a serious motorbike accident with a severe head injury. He spent the past week here in an ICU unit and just yesterday he was evacuated to Bangkok.

I'll keep you all posted and hopefully keep in touch more with the great big world out there.

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