01 June, 2010

Hello June!

Today is a new day. A new month in fact. Wide open to possibility. 

This month (and some if not most of the next month) will be spent slowing down, calming down and discovering myself. Who am I now?
Who was I then? 

On the agenda for this (and next) month: 
A few- hopefully more than one- beach trips,
 spa days, 
starting yoga, 
touring southern Vietnam, 
volunteering at a number of different places, 
teaching private lessons, 
watching bad movies,
 eating sushi, 
drinking wine, 
enjoying dinner and drinks with friends and 
preparing myself for this new life I'm in. 

I'm in a position that few people get. I've found the pause button on life. I can view it as if it's a video, rewind, analyze, skip ahead, and stay on pause for as long as I'd like. 

Sometimes I have this feeling of being alone, but to be honest, it lasts no longer than 5 minutes. I'm fortunate to have a grip of friends here that were my friends from before, and I'm also meeting a whole lot of new ones! If I ever feel like doing something, I can easily find someone to hang out with. 

The expat community is something that drew me back to Vietnam. That sense of belonging, of getting along with everyone, of giving every one a chance. 

Hopefully, within a few months I will really begin to understand myself and appreciate myself. Then I'll be ready to give my self to those who need it most. 

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