29 June, 2010

Better than nothing...

...a good friend reminded me of that simple sentence today in an email. 

When you think about it, it's one of the most positive thoughts you can have. 

Every Little Thing you HAVE is better than nothing

- a 20 minute nap instead of the 2 hours you'd like....
- 10 minutes of sunshine through the clouds
- finding 5 dollars in a pocket when your damn near broke
- taking the stairs instead of the lift
- Seeing friends or family for a few hours, or minutes even...
- Traveling for only two days... Only? Aren't we looking past the initial word TRAVELING? 

I mean honestly. We should be so lucky. Most people take everything in their life for granted. There are times of thanks but that don't come easy, or thoughtlessly. 

Life is much more fulfilling when you appreciate the little things.... remember, they aren't little. 


Another thing I've encountered today, is procrastination. Or actually winning the battle of procrastination vs. myself. 

I often find myself saying things like - Oh I'll do that next month when I get paid, or I'll grab that item on my way home from work TOMORROW, or I'll forgo the morning yoga for an extra 30 minutes of sleep (leaving me groggy until lunch time) etc. etc. etc. 

I have been saying since my first yoga class (I've actually only been to two) that I would love to have a yoga mat at the house so I could do some yoga every morning before work and keep up in between classes... well tonight I actually purchased it. Not only did I purchase it, I also got a month's unlimited membership which includes pilates classes and at a %20 discount. I feel like a weight has been lifted now that I've finally committed to Yoga and it worked out to be MUCH cheaper than I thought! 

It kind of inspired me to take note of those instances when I say "I wish I could do this" or "I wish I could go there" and just simply suck it up and do it. Because in the end, what have you really got to lose? At least you tried it out... you followed your gut and you grow because of it. 

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