28 June, 2010

1st day of school.

It's funny, I didn't realize how nervous I was to get back into full time teaching until I tried to sleep last night... woke up at least every hour on the hour, if not a few more times in between as well. 

I guess the biggest part is that I didn't know what to expect. I've substitute taught a few classes there, however they were more towards the end of the year so they were kind of free for all days. Funny part is, that's how they roll at that school! Kind of a free for all. I mean granted it's kindergarten. I'm teaching 5 year olds, most of the day is nap, play, art, eat, swim etc... how stressful and complex can that be? 

It feels definitely like its the right place for me. Especially at this point in my life. Being able to spend my days with lovable little 5 years will get me out of any funk I might find myself in and give my days a bit more purpose. 

This week is going to be great, a whole lot of 'getting to know you' activities rounded off with a trip to Nha Trang. I've only been there once before and we were more or less passing through... I think it was only a night or so. I guess this isn't a longer trip since I am just going for the weekend, but I'm going with more open eyes than before. Ready to take it all in. Take it for what it's worth. 

I had to exchange my train ticket, since it was booked to leave on Thursday night and I got an impromptu summer gig which is Monday-Friday. I couldn't very well take the first friday of work off for holiday now could I? It's a shame though, the train on Friday night was booked for sleeper tickets, meaning I have an upright airplane like seat... not ideal for my first overnight train ride in Vietnam, but one can't complain right? The inconvenience is worth that extra day of income, believe me! 

After changing my tickets I headed over to get my legs waxed... a much less painful experience than the first time! Now I'm ready for the beach! I rounded out my Monday with a delicious indian dinner and two glasses of red wine... and was home by 8pm! Sometimes it's quite fun being an adult.  Oh and while I was out in the backpacker district I saw an old vietnamese man in a tiny little alley wearing a 92KQRS shirt. The radio station my pops was a DJ for in the late 80's (early 90's?) and it blew my mind, not only is that station no longer called 92KQRS, it looked as if it were brand new. Odd for sure. Had half a mind to get my picture taken with him. 

I'm really beginning to love all aspects of life again, even the not so pleasant ones. : ) 

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