17 May, 2010

Mission Q.12: Failure?.... or Adventure??

After two hours of driving across parts of Southern Vietnam that I had never seen before- which includes a few trips on the highway which was another first (Giant trucks included) I had to throw in the towel. 

I think I may have had miscommunication as well- with the grand opening's location, but of course- the phone number I had for the contact didn't work and I didn't have a map, just the directions I had written down before I took off that morning. 

Never the less, I had an amazing morning solo road trip via motorbike. 

So instead of this: 

I ended up driving this: 

A bit of sunburn, and a numb bum never hurt anyone right? Some of those side roads I took where deep into jungle land, which made for a very beautiful drive : ) And It may look like I went out of my way for destination C, but that was meeting my friend at her School for lunch! 

After spending so long searching for the unknown, I decided to adjust my goals to something I knew I could accomplish that day.... Moving into my new house. 

Jake and I had always talked about moving into a house here in Vietnam and just when we were about to start looking, he got an incredible promotion moving us from Asia to Europe. So, now is my chance to live out the narrow, tall, asian home dream. 

I moved in with a great friend named Aimee, she was my closest friend when I moved away two years ago and it has been like we didn't even skip a beat. Her roommate moved out this week, giving me a window of opportunity. 

In July, she is moving on and starting a new position in Poland. I was initially going to look for a roommate so I could save a few bucks here and there, but after careful consideration- I've decided to live alone. Something I have never in my life done! Pretty exciting if you ask me. It's a beautiful house, the entrance level has a kitchen, the next floor is the living room, followed by my room on the third floor, Aimee's (the guest/office once she's moved on) on the fourth floor, the washing machine and balcony and then a rooftop as well. 

Each bedroom has it's own bathroom which is a huge plus. I feel like I can settle in here. I feel like I can nest and make this house a home, for however long it is I plan on staying. 

Stay tuned for information on the school I am substitute teaching at : ) 

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