15 May, 2010

Mission: Find district 12

My goal is to get from A to B... sounds easy right? Nothing is really easy in Vietnam : ) 

Tomorrow is the grand opening of The Thien Phuoc Centre for Children with Disability. I was referred to this centre by my good friend Rechelda. 

To learn more about the Centre, click here

I was looking forward to simply starting a weekly visit with this centre and when I contacted Ms. Kim, the woman in charge, I found out that I was just in time for their grand opening! 

The challenge is that this is not only a new location, it's in a district I've never even heard of and at 10 am! I kind of wish I had a partner in crime to get lost with (which I will indeed get lost) but am looking forward to attempting this one on my own. I'll just leave extra early, allow myself one or two wrong turns, sit back and enjoy the ceremony.

When I looked up the address, I had to keep zooming out in google maps because I couldn't recognize a thing. Luckily, I was able to put in Eric's apartment address as the starting address and I was provided with direction... however, how will I know when it's been 240m? 

Oh well, wish me luck! I'm looking forward to it! Stay tuned for more information and pictures- that is if I reach my destination! 

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