12 May, 2010

Going to the gym.

I finally needed to get up off my butt and go to the gym- and with it costing a ghastly amount of 50,000 VND ($2.65 hehe) I couldn't let myself get fat and lazy! 

Even though the facilities were pretty nice, and there was AC, I still nearly melted away! 45 minutes was long enough for me- burnt off about 450 calories as well! 

However, I did look like a goof because apparently I forgot to pack my work out shoes- I had to work out in my TOMS! First paycheck, will bring a brand new pair of shoes for this girly. 

I'm thinking if I hit it up two times a week I can fight the lazy fat American syndrome that I picked up back home! 

Up next for tomorrow: My triumphant return to GoVap orphanage. Now, if I can only fight this delayed Jet Lag I seem to be experiencing and get to sleep before 3 am- the 7:30 am meet up time with be easy : ) 

Stay tuned for stories and pictures. 

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