19 April, 2010

Three days to pack

Wow, I made it through my two weeks at work... I have my ticket.... I have my visa.... 

I have to pack : ( 

Packing is one of my least favorite things to do- usually I have Jake do it. 
Unfortunately, this is my move. My responsibility. 

I kind of have a head start, I've got a good amount of clothes packed already- I only need to buy a few things and I'll be set to go! It's just getting the motivation to actually sit there and pack... 

So. Why the three day limit you ask? Doesn't she leave in one week from today, you say? 
This timeline- or goal if you will- is set for a couple of reasons: 
1. I will not have to worry about packing for my last few days with my husband and pup. 
2. I will have Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to pick up those last minute items I realized I have forgotten while packing.
3. Jake and I will be camping in Joshua Tree Wedensday and Thursday night. 
4. Friday night one of my closest friends has a show
5. Saturday night I have a huge get together planned with the friends I've met here in SoCal. 
Good things eh? I usually leave packing until the last minute- but anyone who knows me knows that I leave things behind and forget key components.  

I'm hoping to make this a smooth transition. An easy start to this new life I will be creating for myself. 

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