07 April, 2010


With big life changes comes big waves of anxiety... 

Well, at least it does for me. I can't help but have these completely random surges of anxiety, I can be hanging out- minding my business and BAM... can't breathe. Not even thinking about anything in particular... or thinking about everything at once. 

We got this beautiful Sage spray at the farmers market the other week. 
You just close your eyes- breathe in deep and spray yourself in the face.... 

Another thing that helps the situation is: 

And another [Maddie and her dinosaur butt]:

And This: 

That being said, at least I have anxiety due to an exciting adventure in my near future, rather than the anxiety I've been feeling for months relating to feeling stuck and trapped at a job that just isn't for me! 

It's funny how you tend to think that these stresses, these worries, these obstacles are normal... that you aren't alone in the fight. And some of that is true. But YOU have the choice to make a change. To take that big leap of faith. There is no use being unhappy.... 

I went head first into the deep end back in 2006 when I went to Africa. Then again with Vietnam, and again with Switzerland, and again with Marriage. When things aren't going the way I think they should... I do what needs to be done to change them. And that thought alone helps me fight anxiety, stress and depression. 


  1. p.s. lavender spray for linens at nights.. lovely.

  2. You are inspiring, Ms. Orak. Now spray some of that mist this way! Seeeee you in a few days, me hopes.