22 January, 2011

The Flu

It comes out of no where and knocks you on your bum. Wednesday night, I felt great- had the slightest feeling that I had a fever but thought I was just tired. Thursday upon waking up- I felt as if a bus had hit me in the middle of the night. 

And now it's Saturday. And I'm one frustrated and weak little lady. All my plans and ambitions for the past few days have been beyond my reach and I'm getting antsy! 

So, what I have done with my bedridden two (going on three) days? Finished reading these:

The first two books were given to me by my sister in law for Christmas. I starting reading the first book on the plane home from the states- which was on January 2nd-4th (time zone change- don't ask) And now it's the 22nd and I'm about 100 pages away from finishing the third book.

On Wednesday I was close to finishing the 2nd book so I had to head out to the backpacker district and hope that there was a bootleg copy of it floating around, and there was!

What a great way to spend my sick days. Rather than laying half dead in front of the TV I've been fully engrossed in these novels.

 It's an excellent trilogy, the mystery throughout each book keeps you turning pages and makes it impossible to put down. It's filled with hundreds of surprises and very complex characters. 

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