28 November, 2010

A Singapore Thanksgiving

I was fortunate enough this year to make a trip out to Singapore to see my friends Nick and Sorelle, the last time I saw them was for this: 

And now they have this : ) 

I started out my trip on Thursday- I had taken the day off of work because my original flight left in early afternoon. However, the airlines changed my flight (boooooooorns) and I ended up with a day off in Saigon. 

I had a great chill day, did some window shopping and hit the spa. There is something SO refreshing in having your hair washed before a flight. 

The flight itself was incredibly easy, I nodded off and came to as we were descending into Singapore. Riding in the taxi was hilarious because the taxi driver wouldn't stop chatting. In Vietnam you hardly interact with the taxi driver because their English is limited, but this guy was just talk talk talk.

Spend the rest of the evening having wine and pizza with Sorelle, her sister and her friend Anita. 

Friday was another chill day. I got my first real feel of the holidays, the weather was hot but not unbearable- slightly overcast with a cool breeze. Perfect. 

We hung out around the house, playing with Maya (pictured above) and had a nice long walk out to lunch. The afternoon was filled with preparations for Saturdays feast - we made corn bread for the stuffing and three pies- two apple and one blueberry. 

Nick was on a business trip in China until the early evening so once he was home we all drank wine and stuffed the pies and talked. Their house keeper/nanny made an amazing dinner of chicken rice and dahl, and we wrapped up the night reminiscing about college days and all the funny times we shared. Sorelle even had this blast from the past :

*Sorry for the quality - it's a picture of a picture : ) 

Saturday (our thanksgiving) was so perfect. A lazy day, running around Singapore on the back of Nick's vespa grabbing last minute things and cooking up a storm. 

Such a lovely Thanksgiving, I was SO incredibly sad to leave- and what's worse is I had to leave around 5:30 am so I didn't get to have proper goodbyes! All in all it was a perfect trip and reminded just how much I love these two people! Oops... shall I say three people?

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