07 November, 2010

Hello Friend!

There are so many times that I see my blogspot dashboard from my 'top sites' on safari. I see that little thumbnail of my blog and think- man I should really get an entry out.... but do I do it? Nah.... 

Living life sometimes involves being secluded, self indulgent and a bit aloof. And there is no problem with that! 

I've been having fun doing nothing really, the same old pleasant routine. Great job, great friends, Vietnamese food and great exercise. I'm feeling pretty content with my life at this point. I feel almost as if it's the calm before the storm. As if I'm taking this year to reset my batteries and prepare myself for the what's to come. And the best part of that is, I have NO idea what is to come for me! 

Time has been flying by living here in 'Nam. I cannot believe it is already November! October seemed to happen in the span of a week I swear! A glimpse of October: 

And a look into November: 

I love this time of year. I'm incredibly excited to start planning for the holidays and I can't wait to get back on an airplane! I can't believe it's been a little over 6 months here already and I haven't flown anywhere since I arrived back in Vietnam at the end of April. 

I have some pretty exciting and great things to look forward to in the next 6 weeks or so. At school this month I have 4 students that have birthdays, which means afternoons filled with singing presents and KFC- Teacher's day will be celebrated on the 19th with a half day at school and the following week I head out to Singapore to celebrate thanksgiving with two really great friends that I haven't seen in over 2 years. 

I'm also planning for my trip to the states, which I am so incredibly stoked for. I get to spend my first christmas in about 6 years with my entire family. My mom, dad and brother. We all live in different places and I've been living internationally on and off for 4 years or so... it's been a challenge getting together. This year however I have TWO weeks with family! A few road trips are planned, relaxing and doing nothing, christmas movies and colder weather. I can't sit still just thinking about it. 

I'm in love with life at this point. Even with the many challenges it brings on a day to day basis. I'm interested to see the changes I have made, the choices that I continue to make and the new life that I lead. 

Being 26 and hitting a 'midlife' crisis is rad. I feel like I've already lived a lifetime and now won the lottery with a new beginning. 


  1. Great post! : ) Can I you bring me home one of those babies, please?