22 August, 2010

What a weekend...

With the arrival of my new house mate came a weekend of excess... two back to back nights of drinking used to be easier I swear. 

Ineke (new roommate) got in super late Thursday night- we hit it off great straight away and were up until about 2 am the next morning- Friday night we went out for drinks and it turned into an all nighter for sure. I got home at about 3:30- she got home even later! Here's a glimpse of Friday night: 

Man was I hung over the next day... slept on and off until about 3 pm when I headed to the neighbors house for dirty martinis and steak. Well worth it. Had a spicy bloody mary to set myself straight and was ready for a night of great conversation and delicious steak and mash. 

Today, was a hang over day... Spent most of my day chilling in bed. Ordered a fantastic bacon cheese burger and smoothy and went out for a massage and juice with Ineke. 

Sunday evenings are for sure going to be spent getting a massage from this local spa. It's only about three blocks from the house and was the best massage I have ever had. And to help cure the hangover- they have you step into a sauna for a few minutes and shower before the massage- sweat out those demons. 

Good times. Good people. I'm happy to be back in 'Nam.  

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