26 July, 2010

Long Silence...

I got a little caught up in life... also was being a little stubborn in thinking no one read this anyways! 

So during the past few weeks I've been settling in at work and loving it. There are times it can be frustrating, but that comes with pretty much every job. I love my students and love that I get paid to play with a bunch of 5 year olds. 

Aimee, my roommate, moved out- first heading to the states for a month then off to teach in Poland. It was a bittersweet goodbye for sure, she's got a great opportunity out there! Plus, now that she's gone I have an entire house all to myself. I've never lived alone so its yet another great adventure I've set off on. 

The rainy season is in full effect... it makes Saigon a dull town! It's hard to go out and bar hop when it's pouring out. However, this year there have been some pretty amazing thunderstorms. 

I'm ready to get the words back out there. Into the great void, whether anyone reads it or not- it sure is therapeutic! 

So, stay tuned!  And if your reading this let me know!


  1. I'm reading you.
    Go out and learn something. Teach something. Be something.


  2. I don't read your blog all the time but when I do, I love reading about your experiences half way around the world.

  3. Still reading, keep it coming :-)