05 April, 2010

2 weeks left of work, 3 weeks left in the US.

Today, I put my two week notice at work. It feels so amazing, I feel so free. I've been at Peet's for one year almost exactly, far too long for me to be in one place.

This leads me to the why I only have three weeks left in the states:

On the 25th of April I will be heading back to Saigon, Vietnam... to finish what I started and to find the direction towards my next step in life.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world because I've found the most supportive partner to call my husband. I'm taking this trip all by myself and he's incredibly excited and proud of me. We're happier than we've been in over a year and excited to see where we end up next.

I find it funny that people instantly assume that there is trouble in my marriage when I say I'm leaving the country without my husband. We'll be spending at least half of the year together, that's really how much any husband and wife spend together, what with work, social lives, and other obligations. I wouldn't be happy if I stayed put, tried to live the "american" dream with a house, a dog, two kids and white picket fence. I need life. I need adventure, I need to go out there and make a difference in this world.

Writing every step of my journey is my personal therapy. I wrote a blog nearly every day that I was in Africa and it helped me understand the things that I saw, remember the experiences that I had and work through the confusion and mind blowing realization of just what's really going on in this big wide world we live in.

I hope to be able to share this journey, share the lessons I learn, share the experiences I've had, share the people I meet, and tell my stories to those who care to read it!

So, please join me on this crazy ride. Comment, ask questions, give advice and suggestions!

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